Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look inside Nextreme Thermal Solutions

Since so many of you enjoyed our tour of Applied Materials (click here if you missed it), we've decided to post a few other photos from company tours. These two photos were taken at the Nextreme Thermal Solutions campus in Durham, NC.

This permanent power cycling test bench is used for environmental stressing of various Nextreme devices, such as the eTEC and OptoCooler modules. By determining the device failure rates, process modifications can be made and problems can be engineered out. Nextreme recently announced that they will expand engineering consulting on thermal and power management issues (read about it here)

The C.O.P. test station uses thermocouples to measure the hot and cold sides of an embedded thermoelectric component (eTEC).

Nextreme's OptoCooler HV14 is the latest-generation gold/tin thermoelectric module. Read about it here.

You might also want to read Nextreme's article, "Localized Cooling for Data Centers" from Advanced Packaging

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