Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Advanced Packaging blogger Phil Garrou, Ph.D., joins Yole team

Dr. Philip Garrou joined Yole Développement as Senior Technical Analyst for 3D Packaging. Under the exclusive agreement Dr. Garrou will contribute to the team of 4 analysts covering this topic at Yole and will author original research reports and contribute to existing reports building on and adding to Yole’s growing reach into the advanced packaging area.

Dr. Phil Garrou gives his insight into leading edge developments in 3-D integration and advanced packaging, reporting the latest technical goings on from conferences, conversations, and more in his Advanced Packaging blog, "Insights From the Leading Edge."

Read about 3D packaging on Advanced Packaging's 3D Integration center at http://www.electroiq.com/index/packaging/3d-integration.html

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