Thursday, July 8, 2010

Non-visual defect (NVD) detection technologies with Ralph Spicer, Qcept

In the podcast interview "Qcept technology for detecting sub-monolayer nonvisual defects (NVD) on semiconductor wafers" with Solid State Technology's Debra Vogler, Ralph Spicer, VP, marketing, Qcept Technologies, describes the company’s technology for detecting discontinuities in the workfunction at the surface of wafers -- such discontinuities cause non-visual defects (NVDs).

Spicer also wrote about NVD detection for the August 2009 issue of Solid State Technology. In "Non-visual defect inspection for comprehensive yield management," Spicer says that, "with the increasing impact NVDs have on device yield, yield management strategies must incorporate NVD inspection and review in a way that is analogous to physical defect inspection -- both in-line to prevent excursions that can affect line yield, and in the lab to assist with root cause analysis and process development."

Read the article for several case studies of NVD's effect on semiconductor manufacturing yield. And listen to the podcast for more information on Qcept's NVD technology: Listen Now or Download

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