Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Semicon West Goes Virtual

Registered SEMICON West attendees were greeted this morning with a message welcoming them to a "Virtual SEMICON West" featuring live and on-demand broadcasts from San Francisco as well as the opportunity to "interact with exhibitors and network with colleagues from the convenience of your home or office during and after the physical event." The virtual show will be available from July 13th (at 8:00 am) and remain available through August 27.

The virtual show will be running on the Semineedle platform: http://vsemiconwest.semineedle.com/

Conference organizers note that on the site you will be able to: Attend live keynote speeches and over 50 on-demand presentations; visit company exhibits for product demos, documentation, press releases and more; interact with exhibit staff and attend exhibitor events; and search and network with over 15,000 attendees (not sure if those are "live" attendees or virtual attendees).

The best news: there will be no virtual bums homeless people to step over.

Pete Singer

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