Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is a chaogate?

A team of researchers have devised a new alternative to conventional logic gates, fabricated in silicon. They've named the creation "chaogates," a nod to the chaotic patterns used to encode and manipulate inputs to produce a desired output.

What do you need to know about chaogates?
How they are formed: The researchers selected desired patterns from the infinite variety offered by a chaotic system. A subset of these patterns was then used to map the system inputs (initial conditions) to their desired outputs. Exploiting nonlinear dynamics allowed them to design computing devices with the capacity to reconfigure into a range of logic gates.

Chaogates' niche in the semiconductor industry: Standard logic, memory and chaogates can co-exist on the same device. Inventors envision chaogates in gaming devices, and highly secure applications. Chaogates can rapidly "morph" between various functions, reconfiguring itself as needed.

Who will fabricate them: ICs using chaogates can be manufactured using the same wafer fabrication, assembly and test facilities as those already in use today.

Read more about chaogates here.

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