Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prop 23 widely rejected by CA voters

Some say the opponents were disorganized. Others point to haphazard funding. Some say that Californians simply recognize clean energy as the future for their state, and economy. With nearly all votes counted, Proposition 23, to repeal the anti-pollution act AB 23, fell short. 61% of voters said no to Prop 23, which is being hailed as a victory for renewable energy like solar power.

Read the results, sourced from The LA Times, here.

A great deal of you are from California. Let us know how you voted on Prop 23, and why, in the Comments section


  1. Why would we take a HUGE step backwards on our progress towards clean energy, clean air, financial security, national security, ridding the cities of loud combustion engines, and the only beacon of light towards overturning the lack of agreements from ineffective global conferences to reduce the harmful effects of man-made pollution sources. More expensive now=cheaper later, when its absolutely necessary.

  2. Over half of the electricity in America is generated by coal. IF you really want to clean up the air in the bay area you have to regulate coal plant emissions. IN addition, You have to regulate what the BAAQMD says is ok for companies to emit from their exhaust stacks. It is easy for a company to burn a chlorinated liquid and spew all those exhaust HCL's into the air by simply dilluting them to 1/2 IDLH at the exhaust stack. Also, it is not ok to spew Phosphine and Diborane and ammonia into the air by simply dilluting as well. Proper regulation is the key. . Not more regulation. .Increasing emission requirements on NEW autos is also key. . .The post above is obviously just ranting and has no education on the matter.