Friday, September 10, 2010

Serious semiconductor research at TECHCON

Semiconductor Research Corporation's (SRC's) annual research conference -- TECHCON -- will take place September 12-14. For the uninitiated, TECHCON is "a competitive conference,” explains Steve Hillenius of SRC. Listen to an interview with Hillenius about the R&D gathering.

The conference only selects about 50% of the total number of papers submitted. Students, whose research was funded by SRC member companies, have the opportunity to present their findings to the members. A highlight of the event is a job fair during which the students have the opportunity to present their credentials to SRC members. has already published a research preview from Professor Joel Plawsky and student Michael Riley of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, who collaborated on research comparing copper and aluminum anodes in low-k dielectrics. They will present “Experimental analysis of copper diffusion into porous SiCOH” at the conference, but you can see the research summary on our site now: Cu/low-k extendability work compares Al, Cu anodes

Professor Muhannad Bakir and student Hyung Suk Yang of Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), discuss their TECHCON 2010 paper, “Marriage of CMOS and MEMS using Flexible Interconnects and TSVs,” in this podcast.

Awards at TECHCON: Professor Mark Lundstrom of Purdue University is the 2010 recipient of the Aristotle Award given by SRC and presented at its TECHCON technology conference. Professor Li-C Wang, University of CA at Santa Barbara, received the Technical Excellence Award. We interview the winners. Read why in "SRC TECHCON awards Purdue, UCSB research accolades"

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