Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paula Mints addresses SEMA meeting on solar power

Frequent contributor, Navigant Consulting director Paula Mints spoke before a Solar Engineering and Manufacturing Association (SEMA) meeting held recently at Flextronics in Milpitas, CA. She covered key successes and challenges in the photovoltaics industry. The drive to reduce costs, understanding supply and demand forecasts, and certain reliability issues all were included in her presentation. For our readers that did not get to see Mints speak in person, we've collected some of her most popular 2010 articles on the solar industry. If you attended the event, let us know what you thought of Mints' talk in the Comments section.

A solar toast: Nothing succeeds like success
Before the industry celebrates a banner year, industry stakeholders should take a moment to consider what out-of-control growth, high levels of inventory, and severely constrained margins might bring in the mid-term.

Analyst Paula Mints updates us on PV trends
In this video interview from Intersolar North America (July 2010), Mints summarizes the current state of the PV industry, including capacity, pricing, and quality news.

The PV industry black swan
A black swan event is an observed market behavior that performs in an unexpected manner. In terms of the PV industry, such expected unexpected behavior is seen in the not-so-rapid rise of supply control by two countries: China and Taiwan.

What thin-film PV has in common with Mark Twain
Rumors of thin-film PV technology's demise are exaggerated, writes Paula Mints from Navigant Consulting -- despite an uphill competitive battle with crystalline silicon, it does have a place in the future of multi-GW deployments.

FITs: The ecstasy and the agony
As Germany's FIT program demonstrates, incentives can propel the PV industry into a viable renewable energy source. But beware. Poorly administered, poorly designed, and even well-designed programs have created even more anxiety for the industry.

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