Thursday, June 16, 2011

ElectroIQ Moves to New Platform

The ElectroIQ website is now residing on a new platform, giving you new functionality, faster load times, improved search and easier navigation. It will also make it easier for us to post new content, so we will be able to more quickly deliver a greater array of news, feature stories, blogs, videos, podcasts, white papers, wires news feeds and more.

One of the most notable changes is how the navigation bar works. In the past, the topic centers for each of our channels (semiconductors, photovoltaics, packaging, nanotech and MEMS) appeared immediately below the nav bar.

Now, they appear in an easy-to-use drop down menu.

The new platform also implements new search functionality using a product from a company called Ramp. This product, called the MediaCloud, gives all users the ability to sort, navigate and share search results across all of our content, including video, audio, text and images. With video and audio files, MediaCloud produces time-stamped transcripts from the original files. Text articles, images and the transcripts are processed through a natural language processing technology to create a unified set of tags and categories for all of our content.

The platform itself is a web content management system from Adobe (formerly Day Communique) called CQ5. Adobe calls it simple, intuitive web publishing. It is mostly invisible to users but easier for us editors, with in-context, drag-and-drop page design; in-context content authoring; in-context digital asset editing and keyboard shortcuts for native application feel. Check out a video Adobe produced!

No software migration come with perfect results. If you notice any problems, please let us know (just shoot an e-mail to

A big thanks to the PennWell digital media team for making this happen. A special thanks goes to Robert Williams, the digital product manager for the ElectroIQ website; Meredith Courtemanche, digital media editor; and to all the folks in PennWell's Tulsa office, particularly David Warren, vice president, digital media; and Leif Nevener, senior product manager. Also a special thanks to Nicholas Iervolino who worked through the night to make it possible.

Now that we are working with a greatly improved backend program/platform, we will be quickly focusing on enhancing the look and feel of the site and adding some exciting new coverage this Fall. Stay tuned for more information. (Pete Singer)

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