Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ElectroIQ is now Solid State Technology!

Our site has a new name, but it's one you already know: Starting today, will re-brand under Solid State Technology. This closely matches with the design of Solid State Technology magazine, which incorporates technical features for semiconductor, MEMS, displays, and LED manufacturers and packaging providers.

Looking for photovoltaics manufacturing content? Don't worry, you can find Photovoltaics World articles and archives on our sister site, Photovoltaics World is part of the Renewable Energy World network, and has relocated to better fit with related content in that business. For your convenience, we have a link to Photovoltaics World's home still on the navigation bar.

On Solid State Technology's website, you'll find all of the electronics manufacturing articles and archives focused on the semiconductors, semiconductor packaging, MEMS, display, and LED industry sectors. We recently added dedicated channels for displays and LED manufacturing, and will continue to provide in-depth, technical, and timely news and articles on all aspects of solid state technologies.

--Meredith Courtemanche, digital media editor,
Happy Pi Day!

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